My soul is full of tales I brought to life, Yet left to die from suffocation. My mind is rich with words I want to say, But jarred by their constriction. My tongue is weighed. My hands are stilled. My ends are left unstarted. Advertisements

Cast me away, like that haggard stray on the side of the road. I have nowhere to go. Look the other way, as I beg you to stay so I won’t be alone.


All I asked for was support. A set of roots, a solid wall underneath a caving roof. I have your back, who has mine?


It feels like I am drowning inside words that haven’t left my lungs. Those hollow breaths that can’t escape, shrinking as my body’s plunged into the waves. It feels like I have lost control of things I once held close to home. Like opened windows let them loose, and gave them strength to cut my … More DISCOMPOSURE


I’m starting to regret you Starting to hate you Starting to wish, We had never existed. I’m tired of caring, Tired of wearing Out my feelings, Like it was worth healing you.


Lost in the wilderness, somewhere between sadness, and loss, you will find us. Trapped in the darkness, far beyond sunless, in frost, you will find us. Broken and soulless, breathless, and crushed. Will you find us?