About Me

First things first, I struggle talking about myself. That’s why I blog, write poems, write songs– anything that means I don’t really have to talk in person. If you’re “lucky” enough to know me, the most revealing conversations will always happen through Facebook Messenger.

Second, these are the other things to tell you:

I’m 22, non-binary, bisexual and on antidepressants.


Samsung always wins.

Reality TV always sucks.

I still struggle to tell you about myself.

Yellow is my favourite colour, who decided you can’t have a favourite colour when you get older?

I like socks with cute animals on them.

Ibanez guitars will always be the sexiest thing on earth.

Dogs are cute but cats are cuter. Tiny fish are even better.

And cartoons are still some of the best stuff on TV. Anime is the best thing on the internet.

Books that change cover halfway through, change size due to a different publisher, or I have to buy in hardback after I started the series in paperback SERIOUSLY MESS UP MY BOOKSHELF AND I HATE IT.

That’ll do, Pig, that’ll do.

OH and I’m English. I love crumpets and tea, no lie.





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