Sometimes it’s painful to think that this was my actual online diary as I went into complete meltdown… but it’s gonna become that again I think.

I’m trying to job hunt and all I keep doing is telling myself I’m not good enough for anything except driving around or working in a f**king store. But I’m also very shit at retail, because I don’t do well with people. It’s like one customer every day I’m actually really keen to go and talk to and be smiley with. Maybe that’s just retail, but eurgh. I never thought I’d say it but I’m starting to miss at least seeing floofs and fish every day at the pet shop. All it needs is to be like, a completely different place.

I have no passion for anything right now. No reading, no movies, no crafting, no music, nothing.

I literally am good for fucking nothing. UTTER SELF DESTRUCTION. All I’m glad of at the moment is that I’m gonna get my 20 hours at work, which seems like a good thing when you don’t have the energy to even pay attention to customers sometimes WHILE serving them… I’ve been zoning out a lot at work lately.

There is also more good news that I’m an uncle to a doggie :3 and I might be able to already go and look after it! Yay 🙂 Floofs always make me happy


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