Is it weird to have like a “favourite drug packaging”? Because… I kinda do xD It’s like “Hey! We know you struggle to remember the days, and whether you took your tablets so we write it on the packaging and leave you enough space to write the dates on it too!” Don’t get me wrong, … More #tabletgoals


I actually just sat down earlier and thought, “OMG I have missed my blog entry for Tuesday this week!”. Turns out, it’s Thursday today… and actually only two days have gone by -_- Lordy lordy, my brain really doesn’t feel like working these days, does it? Well. I’m writing little bits and bobs of music … More DERP!


restrict restrict restrict restrict restrict boom. tick tick tick tick tick tick boom. break. snap. kill. cry. cut. bleed. boom.


So, I know that “The Dress!” was all the rage a couple of weeks ago. This is like, SO much better. This is: “The Photo”. Is it a hand? Is it a foot? What the hell body part is this and why does this photo even exist?! It’s from my pre-birthday drinks the other night … More THE PHOTO!