My soul is full of tales I brought to life, Yet left to die from suffocation. My mind is rich with words I want to say, But jarred by their constriction. My tongue is weighed. My hands are stilled. My ends are left unstarted. Advertisements


It’s as though for all this time, You’ve been simply hiding. Lurking somewhere ’round the corner, sick and tired of biding. Here’s your chance, to take me back, like reuniting flames of old. Kiss my hand and lead me down to the cage where you will hold me.  


A film once told me, that the last blossom, to burst into life, will be the prettiest of all. So when I bloom, break free of walls that hold me in, crush my soul before I even begin to try, will I be beautiful?


It’s like I orbit you, Spin away into nothing, and come back to things I cannot bear. You think I know you, Since you’ve changed for good, but really I never would, I never will. Don’t make me want you, Ask for branches I don’t care to give, For another chance to live, In my … More REVOLVE