That is work right now. That shitty little thing in your way that if you go over it the wrong way sends you stumbling and fucking up for a good few metres. I did a twelve hour shift today, because I got called during a delivery asking if I could do click and collect… Same … More TRIP HAZARD

Cast me away, like that haggard stray on the side of the road. I have nowhere to go. Look the other way, as I beg you to stay so I won’t be alone.


Is it only me that gets annoyed when EVERYBODY has to follow you on every social media platform once they find you? I don’t even feel like I can write this on here now. Because someone will find it, same as they found my new Instagram. I never wanted to post a picture of my … More MEDIA STALKING.


And by diggle, I mean my pet dog. She has an airway infection so she keeps like coughing and gagging every now and again and it’s been like that for about a week now. It’s sad because especially yesterday when it was quite bad, she looks really scruffy and tired. Before we knew what it was, … More DIGGLE IS ILL 😦