for adults. I am certain, that when I was younger we had a baby names book that had the list of possible names in for when my sister and I were born. I wish I could find it again because sometimes I would like to know for certain what it said in there for if … More BABY NAMES


I tried to make my new year’s resolution to be “come out as some kind of gender f**k”. Some part of me feels like I have already failed because I keep fretting over what I actually identify as, as well as not having already come out within… the first ten days of the year. Thing … More NEW YEAR, NEW ME?


That is work right now. That shitty little thing in your way that if you go over it the wrong way sends you stumbling and fucking up for a good few metres. I did a twelve hour shift today, because I got called during a delivery asking if I could do click and collect… Same … More TRIP HAZARD

Cast me away, like that haggard stray on the side of the road. I have nowhere to go. Look the other way, as I beg you to stay so I won’t be alone.