Guess who is off work for a couple of days (at the least) because they f**ked up their leg and got put on crutches and rest?

MOI! I am such a div -_-

So I suppose I should use these few days to reconnect to things I used to really enjoy (or at least try). I just had a really nice catch up with one of my closest friends and we both struggle a lot with different things in life, so it’s refreshing to release a few things when we talk and also find time to be a bit derpy. I feel really knackered right now, I don’t know entirely if it’s from painkillers, although it was only paracetamol, or just like “your body is healing! it takes energy”. I genuinely thought I’d broken it because there was a massive lump like a split bone and my sister kept looking at it and telling me how deformed it looked xD But thankfully nothing is broken I just need to take my weight off it and rest up. It’s a shame I don’t work somewhere else or I could have stayed in, but because I drive and carry stuff, it’s kind of an automatic no. I’m a bit pissed about it, but what can you do, eh? I’ll probably go crazy from being inside – my mum seems to think I can’t even go out. Although it is icy and if I fall on it I’ll be set back but, I will have to go out at some point I think.



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