for adults.

I am certain, that when I was younger we had a baby names book that had the list of possible names in for when my sister and I were born. I wish I could find it again because sometimes I would like to know for certain what it said in there for if I was born male. Part of me is certain that I saw Daniel written in there and if it is, NO CHANCE! I know too many Daniels as it is without becoming one myself xD

I thought I had settled on Robin, but really, no. I’m not sure if it’s because maybe nobody called me it like I asked (not like I asked many people) but the more I look at myself now, I don’t see it anymore.

Also, my mum reminded me the other day that I’m named after a relative of hers, which means if I change my name, is that insulting? I had picked Robin because ah my mum likes the birds, maybe that will cheer her up if she hears it, but meh -_-

I try looking at people’s videos on how they are going in their transition and reading posts but it overwhelms me nearly every time I check and I close the windows. Everyone says to look up as much as possible and I just can’t. It’s as if my brain is in denial or something.

Well. Whatever. Shit has to change soon, I wish I could just be certain for once.


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