Is it only me that gets annoyed when EVERYBODY has to follow you on every social media platform once they find you?

I don’t even feel like I can write this on here now. Because someone will find it, same as they found my new Instagram. I never wanted to post a picture of my face, but I did, what an idiot, I hadn’t even made it private beforehand because I was like derp, nobody will get directed to this account, what does it have in common with the other one? Obviously enough.

BOUEVIQUFH q{hoiet LIKE HONESTLY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. Just because it says social media, doesn’t mean I want to be social with EVERY form of it I have. This, I am quite happy that essentially nobody knows about this. And, actually, I don’t even know if they know I still write on here. I like having space. My whole family has me on facebook. A load of irrelevant people have me on facebook. I can’t post there about things I haven’t told people. A load of people follow my old Instagram, and I hated it because they would pop up after getting it and now I feel like I can’t post pictures. Then I hav…


I just f**king realised.

fuck my life.

fuck my fucking life



well. time to change my name and move country. I can’t be dealing with feeling I can’t write on here without somebody finding it. I used to be confident of that but not anymore.


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