And by diggle, I mean my pet dog. She has an airway infection so she keeps like coughing and gagging every now and again and it’s been like that for about a week now. It’s sad because especially yesterday when it was quite bad, she looks really scruffy and tired. Before we knew what it was, I kept expecting her to just keel over mid coughing fit and die. o_O

But! It’s okay because now we have some medication for her. 🙂 Although she is still going to be bad (we’ve literally only just started it) but I hope it’s gone soon. She is little so all that coughing really does use, like, her whole body so it must be exhausting, and she is putting off eating. But it’s kinda scary because same as we get swollen glands in our necks sometimes when we’re ill, she has that and I swear I was thinking all sorts about OMG it’s a tumour and it’s cutting off her air supply and we didn’t notice it at all and omg D:

Plus, she is going to be 11 in a couple of months. Jack Russels reach pretty good ages, but she has the little old lady beard and white fur is patching up around her eyes and the tips of her ears so she is getting old! It’s weird to think that she has been around since I was a teenager o_O It feels so short 😦 But I do love that diggle to pieces even if she doesn’t get my random shit that I say to her sometimes! xD Too cute that dog is, I tell you! And people still think she is a puppy! Because she is a f**king midget, like inside the house she is small, but you take her outside and even we are surprised by how small she looks.

Yes. This is my doggie appreciation post. The dog, the only dog and nothing but the dog. And there is a photo of my dog ^_^ haha!
I just found out that I have NEVER posted a photo of my dog on here! What a disgrace!

Have many photos of my dog, in fact, she has Instagram! A very sporadically updated one, but Instagram nonetheless!

Click this —-> TOFFEE_FLOOF

She is so great. Barks a lot, but when she isn’t barking she looks cute and sometimes she plays with me and we do this thing where she half runs off and I kneel and have my arms out in front on the floor, then she comes running back underneath me and I scrub her back, then I put my arms back out and she runs off again. xD

Once she even ran across the room barking and went right up in the window like something was wrong, we so all went over like WAH! She jumped off and helped herself to the dinner we had just sat down to eat!

Then there is the time of the “GREAT ATTEMPT!” when she was even tinier, and tried this massive run up to jump onto the dining room table… which I would say is maybe three/four foot ish tall. It did NOT end well! This huge run up from the doorway and this massive leap just resulted in her smacking the front of her chest of the table and flopping like a fish on the floor xD We laughed, I’ll admit, but we did also make sure that she was okay, she just kinda skulked off. After that her favourite place to sit was on the chairs tucked underneath. If she ever went missing for a while, you’d probably find her there.

And now she sleeps under the cushions on the sofa like a pro. Sometimes you don’t even KNOW, then you go to sit and it’s f**king scrabble of the year. Or, she likes to sit on my mum and dad’s pillows or sneak under their duvet xD So much so that to avoid that and her fur, my mum makes the bed like super precisely now so she has no choice but to just sleep on the top.

Also, what I like is when I come home and get in, if she is upstairs, she pops her little face around the corner like OOoh person! and THEN she comes down 😛 Sometimes she doesn’t bother, and sometimes she is already at the door, and she scrabbles at your bags like you have stuff for her. She knows as well when you are spelling out things. Like she knows how to spell walk. And every letter you spell, she tilts her head, then you get to the end, she leaves for a bit and then it’s all “TAKE ME FOR A WALK HUMAN!”. You can spend a good ten minutes pretending to with her, which my dad likes to do. She replies so perfectly in those little barks of hers xD

I just y’know, like her innit 😛



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