Is a f**king pain. I don’t know if I’ve even already posted about this, but I’m essentially ripping my room out and starting again. My god, it’s long. But while that’s happening, I’m sleeping in the front room (thankfully on my own bed, not the stupid skinny sofa), not that I can call it sleeping. I can’t actually sleep until my mum goes to bed after she’s watched all of her lame ass f**king ghost shows -_-. Seriously, she thinks I am getting to bed earlier than usual (apparently I ALWAYS stay up until 3 a.m) but no. I’m getting less sleep because I have to sit around downstairs until she goes up. I’ve only just felt confident enough to sit here on my laptop and type away because although I’m worried about how much you can see reflected in my snazzy men’s reading glasses, I know that I will see either of them get up and I can close or swap window before they’ll be in a position to see my screen.

Sneaky muthaf*kka that I am 😉

I dunno. There’s nothing like NOT having your own space. I can’t sit with my music playing out loud, can’t kick back on my bed… I have to exist in the living room all day and it’s so tiring. I don’t DO socialising with my family. I mean, I sound like a teenager, I’m 22, but I don’t like being around people. I don’t do small talk and I don’t do deep conversations with my family.  To be honest, I sometimes wonder how much my parents even talk to each other… We just watch the soaps. To be honest, this week, they’re pretty good, and one of them had a REALLY great gay make out that I was more than happy to watch, but seriously. The TV is on all day in this house and there is only so much TV you can watch.

So I have decided to job hunt sooner than I planned. And I already have an interview! To drive a delivery van ^_^. I’m pretty excited but then my mother kindly pointed out that I am shit at reversing. I reckon I won’t have to reverse… I hope.

As a result of said interview, I had to go shopping for clothes and oh my god I have never been so disappointed with women’s shirts. Why do they have to make them with that massive ass BOOB GAP!? The buttons stop halfway up the shirt and they wonder why women show off so much cleavage? Probably by accident because nobody knows how to make a fitted shirt with buttons all the way up to your eyeballs. I thought they fitted great but then oh yeah, somebody forgot my buttons.


I’ma start that hashtag xD

So then I was like okay, I’ll try on a men’s shirt. Never trying that again. If I was flat chested and didn’t have hips, one of them was a perfect fit for my shoulders! I’ve decided my best option is to wear a shirt I already own and just wear my looser binder to squish my boobs a bit – I have the dreaded button gap. Ask anyone with maybe C and upwards boobs, it’s a nightmare to buy shirts. I’m so sad about those women’s shirts because they were dotty and could have been men’s but they fitted really nicely. I actually liked that it was women’s fit except for having boobs and then the boob gap in the shirt. No kick ass outfit for me.

To be honest I’m actually also waiting to hear back from an aquatics shop, I really hope I get an interview there too. The delivery work will have it’s pros if I get it – playing CD’s in the van, driving around, working with a store my family actually shops in so I can get them discount – but the aquatics centre means I could work with my precious fishies again ^_^.

If you didn’t already know that I am a fish fanatic (albeit not the best fish owner…) then it should be said now.



But I have been told by Josh, who works with this same place I’m applying for that I wouldn’t be able to dye my hair like I planned 😦 I am GUTTED, because I was planning on going blue (to finish off the bottle I used to do the underneath) and I even bought a back up bottle to make sure I had enough dye but he reckons I’d get forced to dye it back to natural.

Which makes me question why I have seen people with DYED RED hair wandering around their stores? Why is blue more unnatural than red? Red hair dye isn’t exactly ginger is it? I kind of hate that dying your hair means you can’t possibly be professional. I know its about the LOOK, but hey, my blue hair would probably be in a bun all the time. That’s smart. I’m not going to start punching the windows in because of my unruly blue hair! -_-

Ach! I’m sorry but tattoos and piercings and hair dye don’t compromise your ability to do a job well. Obviously, and that is sarcasm, you’re only suitable to work in a tattoo and piercing place if you look like that and I don’t think I’d be good at either of those. Unless anybody wants a nice, artistic squiggly line? Hit me up, yo!



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