And no, this isn’t a review of the movie. I just thought it was a fitting title seeing as I genuinely just did a Facebook friend cull. If I don’t care about seeing your shit, haven’t spoken to you for years and reckon I’ll survive a FEW MORE YEARS, get f**king lost!? You aren’t my friends, you’re people I know and you only bothered to become my “friend” because it got huge to find all your primary school mates, or we left Year 11 and thought it was important to have everyone. I didn’t speak to half the people in my year at high school, I hated the lot of them because I reckoned they all hated me too. So why do I want to keep up this pretence that you give a shit about my life? You really don’t or you would have been there for real when “I knew you in high school!”

Can you tell I hate people from high school?


I will always retain the idea that college was the best time of my life. The friends I made there are still here. I love them to bits even if we do let life get in the way a lot.

F**k social media, it’s all bullshit that people craft up to make themselves feel good and loved. I think only like three people read this and not even regularly and one of them may or may not still be Josh. I just write stuff because I don’t speak stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, if anyone reads this and likes it and is sitting there like “you lazy bitch, why aren’t you writing!?” then seriously, virtually slap me and I’ll become a social-media-whore. Anything for my fans darling(!) I’ve been meaning to get back into writing, I fell out of it so hard and I don’t even think I’ve had any poems recently… o_O

I should also find like, some pictures…

Yeah, those would be great too…



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