And the annoying thing is that you guys already know him, except you see him as a girl, call him the wrong names and use the wrong pronouns.

He just has no idea how to tell you. 😐

I could have told my mates tonight while I saw them. The thing is, how the hell do I do that when it feels bad on my part to expect them to change all of this stuff for me? Or that I don’t really have a way to explain why besides “I would just rather you did it”?

Plus, we were in a pub, and to be honest, I would rather talk about things like that at somebody’s house or something where random strangers don’t seem like they’re listening in or staring at you.

I also ended up going home without my sports bra on tonight. It feels so much better not having two layers of f**king clothing! But then it’s like… boobs. Nipples. Awkward… It doesn’t help that I told Josh, who I was like really hoping would start realising that if I’m asking you to call me Rob and use he/him/his, I obviously don’t want to be seen as a girl, that it is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable for me to hear you sexualise my chest. I know it’s a strange thing but he has known about it for a long time and I’ve said, look, if I’m feeling masculine (which most days I am, or at least on a massive breast hating rampage) I don’t want you to start being all “WAHEY πŸ˜‰ tits!” because I don’t think those have anything to do with who I am trying to be when I bind. I don’t feel like those belong to me, or have any right being on my body.

But, things can only get better right? :\


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