To anyone that follows me on here for my little poems and stories, I am sorry it’s been a boring few… well it’s been more than days… I can’t entirely keep track of the time anymore xD

I don’t really have much in the pipeline. I’ve been at work a stupid amount also, getting called in last minute and covering for those who have gone on holiday. It’s been tiring, I tell you that much!

I actually rode my bike into work the other day. My GOD was it a mistake. Hottest day of the year, I chose! When I actually got into work, I thought I was fine until I could literally feel the sweat on me. BLEURGH -_- Lucky I bought a spare t-shirt with me. But now, I’ll have to bring my bike back home tomorrow… at one p.m. Like practically the hottest part of the day D:

Somebody help me?


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