So. I am once again apologising for mw disastrous posts last night. But for the record, I didn’t cut and I managed to fall asleep without taking one of my tablets! 🙂

I went to my parents’ house after work today and holy shit I am already shattered. Work was extra physical today, cleaning and sweeping. And yesterday I obviously had trouble sleeping. It didn’t help my body also wanted me to wake up at five, so I’m calling time on my dinner plans with Josh (which were bullshit to carry on with anyway once he had to change his shift) and chilling out with my parents and the dog with some Chinese takeaway. ^_^ 

I’ve actually been in my binder all day too, which my parents either haven’t noticed or don’t know how to react to. But, actually it’s nice just wandering around however I fancy. 

Whatever. I gots foods to eat!


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