I just feel sick now. I want to cry but at the same time something isn’t letting me.

I just tried to call Josh and got no answer and I even just thought of calling home but I don’t think that’s my best idea. I’ve kept the worst parts of this shit to myself and the closest mates I have. My parents just know I’m on tablets and hated this year of uni. 

This is awful. I feel like I’m shaking but I don’t think I am. The fact that I’m getting tired should be a good thing, well it is a good thing. But I just want a distraction from how I feel.

I’m sorry about the last post before this. Clearly I go through some strange places mentally… also I may edit it so an unsuspecting victim finds themselves reading the diary of some random internet person. God my shit YouTubers auto.


No more babbling. 

Go to sleep.

And again. Sorry. For such a random set of posts. 


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