That, it would be me, who would decide to crack out the colouring book (Lost Ocean adult colouring book, not a lame kiddies one) just after I had taken it home to my parents because “I haven’t used it in ages”.

It is also fitting that I forgot about the colouring book and simply thought: “It’s fine, I can just draw in my tattoo book”, and THEN remembered that I took my whole collection of colouring resources home too. By resources I only mean a pack of decent make colouring pencils and a tub full of Crayola markers and coloured biro pens. I’m not a practising artist. I suck at art. Unless I feel truly motivated to do something and then I am alright, but that spark comes around about as much as the urge to wear a dress comes around.

0.00000000000000000001% of the time.

Glad that’s cleared up for you! ^_^

So speaking of dresses brings me nicely around to the fact that Robin is making a comeback. My face looks far too feminine (I don’t want to say girly because then I think some super duper hardcore non-labelling squad will come along and say that “GIRLY IS NOT THE RIGHT WORD!!!!” and yeah, I don’t feel like getting ambushed by a cyber mob with Minecraft weapons or some shit). Back to my point, my face looks far too feminine for my liking and if my boobs start becoming uniboob thanks to my sports bra I’m actually okay with that because it looks like–from MY angle at least–that I just have those strange, really defined pecs that kinda look like man boobs but you know it’s not fat and just muscle… If that even makes sense. I’ma find a picture.

Not that this is important… I’ll figure it out eventually, but I have genuinely forgotten how to add pictures IN the article and not just as the feature picture…

What a derp -_- “ADD MEDIA” the button that looks like a f**king photo anyway.

217323df13f3f99b9a020f3ac3f98ae3  There we go. That’s the man-boobage I’m talking about!

So yeah, from up here, where my eyeballs are, I am like SURE! I’m f**king RIPPED!!! But really it’s like bitch, that’s not even moobs thats just BOOBS.

And I have maybe spent a little bit too much time reading and not interacting with people lately. Or actually no, this is how I USED TO BLOG before I got stupidly f**ked up and put on tablets so ;iuggiubn’WRUH (<– that’s like a passive aggressive keyboard smash in case you didn’t know…)


Daym, normal blogging feels GOOD!

And yeah. To anybody I may have lost during my silence and super emo moments back there, I am sooo sorry but at the same time not sorry because yeah, that’s my life. I feel the same way about that as I do about not wearing make up. If you can’t handle seeing my face without make-up then sweetheart, it ain’t gonna get much better for you because I don’t do make-up. Same as actually, I’m not gonna bother cutting out half of my life for followers and readers. SUCK IT B*TCH!

and again


Although is it really “normal”? I’m gonna get deep here now… If depression is now obviously a part of my life, I guess the mixture of them both is normal. But I am usually more hyperactive so… yeah. I define my own normal and hyperactive has been some of the main points of this blog.

And I’m also rambling, God, what do people SEE in this blog??? :S

Shit, I just looked at the time! Not like I have anything to do tomorrow, but I didn’t realise it was 20 past 11… Not that that is “stupidly late” but I just didn’t realise the time. Wow.

I’m pretty sad at the moment though because I hoped I would have had a full day of seeing Josh tomorrow but he’s at work. They swapped his day off for some reason, but! it means that now he will actually come into MY work on Thursday to see all the floofs! And floofs are a great way of cheering somebody up. It’s the one thing I truly love about my workplace because I only have a dog that I don’t think loves me enough to want to have cuddles or sleep next to me. But at work! I can play with the bunnies or the hamsters or the kittens, save the baby fish from being eaten by their heartless parents, have whistled conversations with the birds… Like. ALL THESE PETS I CAN PLAY WITH! Mostly under the pretence that “I need to make sure they’re friendly *nudgenudge hinthint winkwink*”

You know. It’s genuinely little things that make me realise I’m getting better and this post is definitel… asfljd DEFINITEKL…

Yup. I’m getting better. I also talk to myself a lot more which is another sign. Or maybe it’s a sign that I am actually very hyperactive when I’m running along at my usual levels…

Either way.


Classic!! I can spell it AFTER I need it, before I’m aobut to

I give up.

-_- *facepalm*



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