Sunset and Falling Tears

This is another piece I’ve written with novel characters while listening to some music on YouTube. This one is kinda sad, I actually cried while I wrote it because I know the feels behind these two! It’s set in the same summerhouse as the last short piece with Tyran, only this time it is his twin sister Aisling’s turn! That summerhouse is clearly where EVERYTHING goes on in this little world but it’s nice to have the link between them of like sunset and the summerhouse and the feels 😛

I SO wanted to call this Goodnight Mr Tom… xD

Aisling sat alone in the summer house in her father’s garden. Tyran had often chosen the small wooden shelter as a place to unwind and write; she had chosen it to watch the sunset.
“You look upset, what’s wrong?” Aisling twisted her head to see Tomas walking down from the house towards her. She smiled and walked toward the railing overlooking the highest point over the miniature lake that doubled as a swimming pool.
“Nothing, I wanted to watch,” she said lightly, pointing to the orange blur of the sky in the West. Her golden brown hair reflected the sunlight along its lengths, odd strands glinting a burning red. She watched Tomas edge along the lakeside; his feet glanced off the wet rocks until he stood below her. His blond hair looked almost white, and his green eyes were almost invisible under his squinting eyelids.
“You sure you’re okay?” Tomas asked. Aisling scowled internally. She couldn’t do one thing out of the ordinary without somebody asking her if she was alright. Tyran could swing from the chandelier inside the front room with only his pants on and nobody would question it.
“Just trying to relax, it sounded important earlier,” she said.
Tomas tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow, before holding up a finger. He skipped back over the rocks and climbed the small set of stairs built into the summer house. Aisling stayed in her position at the railing, while Tomas walked over to the pillar next to her. He leant over, reaching a good few inches above her, and stared down. Aisling felt herself shying away, but set her jaw and stayed put.
“I know you’re pretending.”
“Well I’m not.” Aisling shook her head and brushed away the strands of hair that rushed into her face.
“Okay, well if I tell you what I came here for, will you tell me what you’re thinking about?” Tomas leant his head down further towards her, a small encouraging smile on his lips. His eyes resonated with the same comforting aura that the greens of the forest gave out. Aisling stared at him deeply, before averting her eyes slightly and thinking.
“Okay,” she muttered.
Tomas took in a deep breath and pushed himself off of the railing. When he breathed out, Aisling saw his shoulders sag, as though a weight had been lifted and he couldn’t hold them up anymore.
“I thought it was right to tell you this before you heard it from anyone else,” Tomas started. Aisling felt the blood rush from her face, anything said like that was bad news. Her eyes searched Tomas’ face for any sign of something good. She failed.
“My parents have set up to move.” Tomas’ lips barely moved and his voice only just made its way out of his mouth. He licked his lips and swallowed. “Out to Taid.”
Aisling blinked back tears. Her stomach was already trying to squeeze the despair out of her body, but she kept her back straight and her eyes out on the sunset.
“So you’re going?” she asked. Her voice broke without her wanting to. Beside her, Tomas cast his eyes over to the violent orange sky and then stared at her profile. The sun shone in his eyes, but all it did was light up an empty space devoid of happiness. Aisling felt that her eyes must look the same, if not devoid of that light altogether.
“I’m sorry,” Tomas whispered. His head fell and he leant it on his hands.
A hard lump formed in Aisling’s throat and she looked away into the garden, the first tears just starting to escape her control. She took in a haggard breath and wiped her face. It didn’t matter what she wanted. It mattered what was good for him, what kind of friend was she if she begged him to stay, just for her?
“I thought you would be happy. I’d be taken in for a job with my dad in seconds…”
“No, I am,” Aisling sniffed, wiping more tears from her eyes, “it’s just… wow.”
Tomas’ footsteps caused a floorboard to squeak, and before she realised, his arms were around her. She had hugged him so many times, yet this felt like goodbye for real. His arms no longer held any of the safety and strength they had given her before, and Aisling found herself unable to return the embrace. Her arms hung limply by her sides as she tried to focus on the fading sunlight through a blur of tears.
“I don’t want to go, you know that, right?” Tomas asked. His voice was muffled by her hair, and she felt the deep rumble of it in his chest. His heartbeat was racing, the only thing about him that seemed unsteady as his body loomed over her.
“If you did, I would hit you so hard you’d forget you were even moving.” Tomas laughed, another rumble in his chest that transferred through to Aisling’s very core. She could almost hear the smile on his face.
“I think I’d prefer that…” Tomas unwrapped Aisling from his arms and placed his hands lightly on her shoulders. He pushed her out until he could see her face properly, and she met his gaze with her own tear flooded one. Aisling saw his lips mash together and his eyebrows knot together as he took in her no doubt blotchy and puffy face, her bright red nose and watery blue eyes.
Aisling lifted her hands and took hold of Tomas’ forearm, holding on to it like she could keep him there forever.
“I should have gone first,” she whispered to herself.
“Why?” Tomas asked. His hair was a vibrant gold in the last rays of sun and Aisling realised how much she would truly miss him.
“Because I could have persuaded you to stay.” Her grip tightened on his arm and she met his eyes with a ferocity she didn’t know she had. “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I want you to stay. I want to be able to see you when I need you, go for stupid days out and knock on your door at whatever time, day or night and say ‘hey, wanna go get mega sandwiches?’ and- and-” Aisling ran her hands through her hair, pulling at it. Her mouth had forgotten how to function, but she still had so many things to say.
“If you need me, I’ll come. If you want to go out, I’ll get there. I’ll call you whenever I can, visit whenever I can, I will honestly not be as far away as it seems. I’ll always be around for you, Ash, have I ever lied to you?” Tomas slid his hands down to Aisling’s elbows and pulled her in for another embrace. She returned it, burying her face into his chest and letting her tears run until they had soaked through his shirt.
As darkness finally fell, the temperature dropped until Aisling had goose bumps covering her bare arms. She and Tomas were still locked in their embrace, the patch from her tears still moist.
“I should go,” Tomas said, his voice breaking their seemingly endless silence. His arms slipped away until Aisling stood alone and fully exposed to the cold.
“I know I should have said earlier, but I’m leaving tomorrow. I, um, I couldn’t work out how to tell you sooner so, I guess this was goodbye–not forever or anything but. Yeah.”
“Yeah,” Aisling said. Tomas began to descend the stairs of the summer house, his footsteps fading as they hit the dirt. Aisling watched as he walked back to the house, and Tomas waved as he opened the back door. Aisling raised her hand, ready to wave back, until she stopped, closed her hand and let her arm fall to her side.
“Bye, Tom,” she whispered. “I love you.”