That was seriously my lesson today. Besides drawing that lovely (awful!) featured picture xD

It was one of my Screenwriting lessons and we were covering surrealism. Safe to say, I kinda hated it once we got past talking about dreams. Same as the comedy lesson last week we went through all the things that surrealism deals with and how dreams are made up of these four things.

Eurgh -_- It doesn’t help that really I tuned most of it out, especially when he starts talking about people I don’t know, or read. Then we watched a film made in total silence and I just ended up drawing Frank Iero from my phone screen, making it shitty and then giving him long hair and a castle Dracula background or some shit. Actually it might be cool to add that I was drawing Frank Iero because in my dream that I told to the class, he was my boyfriend who saved me from the long arm of the law. And damnnnn it was a great dream :’)

I understand it’s supposed to like, give us an insight on things we might like to use but, honestly, I do “ultimate sad”.

I’m so worried that my personal memory movie (that we workshop for tomorrow) is WAY too dark. Everyone else’s memories were like happy things or odd things from their childhood, so I ended up changing mine for the simple fact that I would have single-handedly shot down everyone’s good mood balloon. The shit thing is, I am SO inspired to make it because I know it would work, like the LGBT video I saw a while ago that just got so upsetting at the end, yet you couldn’t tear yourself away from the screen.

I don’t want to write some happy go lucky shit about my dog. (Not like stuff like that is really shit, but actually the dog films I’ve seen, always end up with the dog dying and its really sad.)


Ideally I should do my elevator pitch tomorrow on the film I actually want to make, but ehhksjdhkjfn I am also not keen on having EVERYBODY know my life. Because that’s what it is, it’s not something I’ll have made up, it’s something that happened to me and while they might be like whoa that’s deep, I actually don’t want them to go away thinking I was a complete F**KING lunatic, or an emotional f**k-up or anything else that they could possibly add on to insult me. Attention seeker, I don’t know, not many people actually talk to a room full of classmates about the darkest period of their life just to make a film out of it.

But I knowwww it would be SO good.

I can vision it already man!

I think I’ll make up something else to do for the pitch tomorrow… The struggle is real but damn.

If I don’t bail on it, I know I might smash it, so maybe I’ll just do it. The best films are often the ones that actually make you cry a little bit xD