My journey to work had always been the bus.

Two very long bus journeys that took me from Hendon into Marble Arch, and then from Marble Arch to Shepherd’s Bush Market. It was cheaper than the tube, meant I could get a bus pass instead of using pay as you go, and ultimately, gave me time to read. I used to think that was a pro.

Now, after having to get the train twice this week due to slight idiocy on my part, I’ve realised that OMG it’s so much better. Less of a wait, less journey time, I haven’t been late yet! And when I got the bus… I was always late. So late that I’m thankful my boss is nice to me.

I don’t exactly get a seat on the way TO work, so I still catch up on some very important reading time. But on the way home, I can usually nab a seat on at least one train.

Then, I work on my masterpiece :’)

Yes, I am now one of those people that writes a novel on the train. On my phone. I would write on my kindle but… Nah. I can’t even type on the thing for half a minute.

So far, I’ve written about 7 A4 pages of stuff, in two days. It’s great! Considering that normally I don’t write for days and then when I do I write a fair bit, but this breaks it down and hopefully makes it better. I literally start when I get on, and finish a stop before I get off. It’s kickstarted my writing again and I really hope I can keep it up!

I used to timetable myself to do an hour of writing a night, followed by an hour of guitar practise and then an hour of learning a new language. Two out of three have worked, I’m yet to start on the language stuff, although I should really because I’ve paid for a year up front… xD Bad Maria, buying things and not using them!

Oh well, I’ll get there in the end. I’m hoping to learn German. I was aiming for Japanese, but I went to Berlin just before Summer hols finished and I love it, so I want to go back and not look at people like an idiot when they talk to me in German. After all, if you’re gonna visit somewhere, try learn the language. It’s kinda rude to not have at least a bit of a clue. I learnt like bits and bobs but that stuff doesn’t actually cover you very much -_- Thankfully Berlin is a place where they speak English automatically! We should do that in England. We’re dicks to just be like “Schnoff half the planet speaks English, let’s not include any compulsory languages until it’s two years of learning in high school, and not even in every school!” Maybe some places are different, but my high school… No. Plus, you don’t remember stuff properly in high school, your brain is too busy playing with hormones xD


That’s a tangent…

But I need to get ready for uni so… I’ll leave it there. Ha!