So, second year of uni has started! I’ve been told by a teacher to keep document of his lessons to use it in a later piece of work…

I’m totally not like… four lessons late for this xD

Essentially, I’m doing “Scriptwriting: Short Film”. I don’t entirely know why I picked it, mostly because the other shit didn’t appeal to me. So for the past two weeks, we’ve been doing little exercises to create characters and write bits and bobs and then put it into screenplay format.

To be honest, most of it was stuff we’d done before–the exercises were used in my Character-Dialogue-Conflict module last year, so it wasn’t that great at the start of it, but then we twisted it around into “say what you see, say what you hear” and we were all sent outside to just write down what we could hear. Literally, nothing else except 20 minutes worth of what we could hear. I picked a kinda shit place, but I got a lot of stuff down, and then eventually started tapping my pen and shuffling my feet just to give myself a loophole 😛

The thing I’m also pretty interested in is the personal memory short film. We’re bringing in ideas for that next week, and I have something I want to use, but I’m feeling like it’s possibly kinda dark. I’m certain it will make a decent ten/fifteen minute film though, I’m just not sure about what everyone else will bring in. Don’t wanna be a buzz-killer after all! xD

Oh well.

As for the rest of uni, my former buddy Sami is no longer in all of my lessons. She will eventually be in two, but my timetable is messed up so maybe it will only stay as one.

On a side-note, my fingers are so cold INSIDE my house that typing is rather hard -_-

I also have a lesson that looks like it will be promising–it’s so much like A Level that once I got into it this week I was like OOOOOOHHHHH!! ^_^ because I have seriously missed analysing a piece of writing until you see like, molecules flying everywhere. It’s so fun, because then you can spin off all these little interpretations of it that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

I’m also doing book and magazine publishing, which should be epic, once I put aside the fact that he wants us to make “an artisan book”, as opposed to a normal readable book. I don’t really want to make a fricking origami lantern book like he keeps talking about, or a story where you stick in like maps and tickets and pages of books they have in their story. I just want to type out a brick, stick it in a nice cover and sell it for socially awkward teenagers like I was when I was younger.

That being said, it would also help if I still sat down for an hour every night and wrote. I need to get back on top of that habit. I was doing an hour of guitar, and hour of a language and an hour of writing, then attempting to do some exercise every day. I can’t lie, I should probably also do like spelling homework or something, I call myself an A level english student that is doing a creative writing and journalism degree and I still have trouble spelling sometimes. -_-

Give me music back!!! I beg you!!

I didn’t even know music theory either, I feel like I’m not an entirely competent person right now xD

Don’t get me started on Maths either… jeebus, I still do my times tables by counting them in my head and have only just grasped huge addition again. I used to do fricking algebra and smash it, what happened to me? I actually loved algebra because it was like “ooh look at all my mathematics that I can do! Schnoff schnoff!”

And now I’m like 4 and 4 is… No I joke!

I nearly said sixteen though, I can’t lie, but that’s only because I started thinking of multiplying it instead.

Good gosh. My fingers are actually really cold. It’s because my room is big and my house is old and the window is also broken -_- So when winter comes… It’s gonna be violent.

This is SO relevant to the fact this was meant to be about my second year of uni so far.

To put it back on track.

My timetable is still relatively cruddy (I still say I would rather have paid the two grand for my college course than this 9 grand a year shit for uni).

The people in my class are getting a bit easier to deal with.

My new flat is up the road from my old flat from last year so WOO HOO I still know where everything is!

I’ve oddly enough come back to uni with nearly the same hair colour and style as I had last year.

I still miss doing music with a band.

And I haven’t had quite the same sudden drop in mood as I did last year. I guess it’s because I’ve settled a little bit more now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not entirely happy with my situation, uni and my job are the biggest question marks of my life right now, but that freak out I had… I hopefully won’t see a repeat of it.

All in all, it’s a bit odd right now, but give it a month and it should be perky! I want to get a job as a proofreader, write on the side –for a novel and like music journalism– and hopefully do some music.

Let’s see how it goes.

Work hard, play… a little bit so as not to kill my bank account! xD