I actually just sat down earlier and thought, “OMG I have missed my blog entry for Tuesday this week!”.

Turns out, it’s Thursday today… and actually only two days have gone by -_-

Lordy lordy, my brain really doesn’t feel like working these days, does it?

Well. I’m writing little bits and bobs of music and I’m remembering a bit more of the Japanese that I’m learning, which is a plus! Yeah, I’ve decided to start learning Japanese properly again (although, did I ever really start?? There’s a question!) and I’m actually paying for a site now. Maybe I should start using it a bit more… haha >_< Well I mean, I do little bits and then I also kind of go over a lot of stuff to see if I remember it, but really I should just go onto an anime site and be like “F**K THE SUBTITLES!” and see how much I understand xD

Which will probably be like two words in twenty minutes or something stupid like that.

Ah… Oh I messed up massively yesterday when it came to going to work in the morning. See if you’re in London, you know that the tube went on strike–AGAIN–and it was yesterday and today. What I didn’t know and you probably did, was that it didn’t start yesterday until half six in the bloody evening.

I left my house early.

I got to work half an hour early.

I got McDonald’s breakfast,

On time for once.


I did all of those disgusting “early” things beforehand and there was really no need to. *sigh*. But I guess it helped because it was only me and my boss so. The earlier we can get things done in the morning, the more time we have to erm… stand in an empty shop!

On a sidenote, damn my eyeballs hurt, but alas, I have realised I’m not wearing my reading glasses. Yeah I need reading glasses now -_- But actually they probably just hurt because I’m about ten minutes away from going to bed by accident. I don’t WANT to go to bed, but you know I’ll just gradually hunker down, laptop on my chest until I fall asleep and my mum will come and take the laptop off and half wake me up as she moans about it. That kinda accidental going to bed malar.. I’m British and I can’t even spell malerk.. MALARKEY. There. Now I bet that’s not even that British. (I need to Google this shit!)

Google didn’t help except find me a blog with some American guy trying to work out the “cheeky Nando’s” thing. Oh, Nando’s. When DID you get so cheeky?

Well. Anywhat! I need to find something to do for… until about 1 when I decide to actually go to bed. Hm. Write… or watch Red Dwarf… or watch Divergent… or read some more… or… erm… Refill my drink with squash! D:

OK. No I actually really want a drink so.

Squash it is.

Merry Squash-mas! Because it exists now.

I bet my blog must kill so many of your brain cells. It’s like me when I watch Netflix for longer than maybe four episodes. I feel like my intelligence (which is probably already quite limited) just melts away… Never to return… o_O

*shut up Maria.*