I come back on here and somebody I follow writes erotica now… OKAY! o_O

I wish I could say a lot has changed while I’ve been decidedly absent from WordPress. But no. Not really. I’m just working full time instead of studying for three (four hour) days a week and working three days a week.

WordPress probably hasn’t missed me much, I’m a terribly inconsistent little shite. I hoped to keep this blog going strong, but I guess it just drifted away from me… (insert “my bonnie lies over the ocean” here…)

I have written like NO poems.

I’ve barely even cracked the character profiles for my book.

I’ve not sat down to learn my epic tab book more…

Shit I fail at a lot of things right now! This is why my life feels like I’m doing nothing xD I function better when I have a set time and date to do things, I guess I should bring that back. When I was on point–about a week ago for three days–I was sitting down for a little bit every day and doing Japanese, my book and learning Hours by Funeral for a Friend. Last year I was going to the gym, blogging and like a true domestic goddess, washing my clothes as per my schedule.. o_o I needed help, OK? I was learning to avoid my mother washing my clothes!

I think my life needs to be planned out minute by minute until I trip over and die embarrasingly or something. Is emb.. is that a word? Oh god, it’s a word and I just am awful at spelling it. Same as necesary… see. I can’t spell that.

A journalism student that can’t spell necessary… and NOW I spell it right first try! Thanks, life(!) Basically OMG I need to fix up my priorities 😛

But yeah. The thing is, I don’t wanna be spamming over a load of stuff just to keep this blog alive o_O But I want to get back into the habit of it, so I guess I’ll have to work on that. Whoo!

So here we go. This is my first post. And in solid black and white on-screen writing, I shall say that next Tuesday, I have to put something on here. Small steps!