Many many many many many (Insert a lot more many’s here) apologies for being such a shite blogger -_-

My laptop has been whisked away for repairs YET again, it’s getting a bit run down in it’s old age… So I’ve been stuck with my phone. I think my Kindle is dead on my shelf because I’ve been neglecting it to read The Maze Runner Series. I swear, fastest reading yet. I don’t know when I started it but I’m already on the last one. Just started it today and I’m kinda sad that it doesn’t follow the same people. NGL I have spent so much time fantasizing about when they *fingers crossed* make the sequels on film because jeebus I could look at Dylan O’Brian’s face for a long long time.


I guess I better update this thing with what’s been guanin.

I’m sure I can just make a gallery, but instead, I’ll make a few of bits and bobs 🙂

Over and Out (until maybe like half an hour and then I’ll SPAM like anything!)