Yeah… I should be sleeping because like, work.
But I really can’t. And I just spent ages reminiscing with my college mates online. Damn we had good times :’) most of them kinda too wrong to detail xD

It’s kinda reassuring to hear that neither of them have found people at uni who they clicked with like us, mostly because I always figured I was that disposable friend. The kind you can live without when you realise you haven’t seen them in ages…

But no, it seems not and it’s been so amazing just laughing out loud at stuff we used to do. I do nothing like that at uni anymore. If anything uni has made me revert into myself–which I guess is understandable  when your course is creative writing, a primarily solo endeavour.

Plus, some people at uni I just really don’t get on with, and the other half I just don’t talk to and I mean to but never do. Hopefully it changes once we start again next year.

Or it changes once our exam is done with! Our single exam on Monday that I should be revising for but really haven’t been because gurl, Maria don’t do revising!!

I try.
And then I don’t try ^_^

But we were all talking about maybe going for drinks afterwards when we went to get journalism feedback so maybe it’ll happen and I’ll talk to everyone because everyone is actually cool on this course. Besides the ones I’m not keen on.

Would you believe me if I said a college that we’d nicknamed the group of girls we didn’t like “CLIZMA (a mash up of their names), BITCH COWS FROM HELL!” Even though we were all like over 17 and not the cast of Mean Girls? It happened…

Ah well, I need to sleep. And laugh in my sleep when I dream about the times we had at college :’)