Loving the Master Shifu there :’)

I have finally, FINALLY, sorted out the last massive piece of my uni work. My second feature!

I’ve been waiting on people for weeks, chasing after them, contacting six different people for one story and nothing.

Jebus, bless the Interwebs.

I got in touch with someone I found just this morning who’s playing a gig at my University on Friday. She replied within minutes.


Some people take f**king weeks just to be all “Oh, we’ve been so busy(!)” You wouldn’t be busy if I came with a RockSound or Kerrang badge hanging from my neck…

Oh well, I have my final victim Muahahahahah! And just in time as well because all of this work is due in on Monday xD The ultimate release of stress I felt after I had just booked it in at half 3! I’ve been pent up for weeks about who I’ll find, what I’ll have to write about, now I can actually do what I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve definitely used this portfolio to try and steer in the direction that I want. Muso Journo man! Muso Journo! (aka Music Journalism… even if Muso Journo isn’t a real phrase, I’m using it.)

Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ˜€