Said no-one, ever.
I make stupid decisions when I’m under time limits.
My biggest mistakes over the past two days being the ones in bold:
Bought a phone for 160 quid.
Only had two days to take it back, and would only get store credit.
Went to Carphone Warehouse today to sort out my old phone that had officially f**ked up.
Got there so long before their closing time.
Decided my best option was to trade in the new phone that I just bought. (They matched the price I would get paid if I sold it back to the store I bought it from.)
Essentially lost 90 quid of my money.
Safely reassured myself that my pictures (the “only things that mattered on that handset”) were stored on my SD card.
Handed over the phone for factory reset.
Picked new phone after they truly did prove the camera was better.
Turned on new phone in the car and found out the background is white! Ew.
Remembered the 46.07 minute long interview I had recorded earlier today and not backed up on the phone I traded in and wiped not even twenty minutes beforehand.
I am now currently not even receiving text messages to this stupid new handset.

The upside: thank f**k I took a notepad.