I may or may not have just spent two minutes struggling to keep liquid in a mug…

But in a way that just feels like (here’s some A level English stuff coming in here!) the macrocosm of the world is representing the microcosm of my brain and emotional stability. Schnoff schnoff, have some Pimm’s dahling!

Basically, my brain has trouble keeping things in it. Kind of my life has trouble keeping things in it, because lordy lordy I forget where I spend my cash, I’ve lost my oyster card twice in as many weeks… eurgh.

And also my brain is so full with shite–although don’t get me wrong the coffee is not shite–that it needs to just splash it all out over the edges into the nothing-ness! Although it’s kinda bad because what all that stuff is, is like the motivation to get my work and my house and various other things sorted… Ha! I’m so f**ked if I decide not to care but hey,

Welcome To Almost Adulthood AKA Student Life *where your bills are paid by money you don’t even earn yourself*

Like okay, I’m 21 now, I’m an “adult” but HA! Tell me how adulty (yeah I said adulty!) I am if I still think The Amazing World of Gumball is the one of the best shows on the planet?



That happens!

To be honest it’s reminded me of some god-awful cringey moment in the last Twilight film, where you KNOW Bella and Edward are rrejfnbgmdn… well you know what they’re doing. And literally this utterly pointless gold shimmery stuff no word of a lie, *clears throat* explodes across the screen as what must obviously be (in their opinion) a nice visual effect.

We all know what just happened there, mate.


And it was hilarious.

And my mum didn’t understand why I laughed out loud while they were having some “alone time”.

Ha. I want to find a GIF of that.

I don’t even want to admit what I Googled to find that but Oh My God I laughed so hard at two things:

One – that there are actually SO many.

Two – that someone actually made the one I was looking for! xD


Okay but look, seriously, “what on earth could this be happening, right here? :O”


God, watching this makes me laugh so hard.

I should get a life xD

And finish my coffee o_O

One last bit of laughing before I go…