Yeah, I apologise for my massive failings in life. My internet and I aren’t the best of friends so I’ve resorted to the Kindle. Normally typing posts on this is EFFORT, but I’ve bought a little stylus and it’s life changing! (Insert hallelujah chorus angels here!)
So I need to start posting things daily, which I keep saying, but if my interwebs doesn’t work then I can’t do songs of the day thanks to some wierd Kindle glitch… but I can do my daily think happy thoughts, so they need to start and if they don’t. Someone can virtually face palm me.
I need to charge this thing… excuse me while I akwardly flail off my bed to pick up yhe charger. Nobody got time to actually get up fo dat shit!
So anyway.
I keep changing the idea of this blog and it doesn’t normally change. I just want to document my life on here, have a nice musical stream of what goes into my head and say funny things. It needs to bloody change, but truth be told, I  kinda wanna eat right now and a hungry me doesn’t do anything except eat xD
Or will I? 😮