Seriously, this is how much my brain wants me to watch anime again. I had ONE LINE of this song in my head the other day, so I went through the last 7 Bleach openings on YouTube, the actual song and then the second opening of Ao No Exorcist just to come back to the actual song.

I couldn’t sleep because of this.

And of ALL the bits of that song I could choose to have in my head. It’s the bridge bit RIGHT at the end -_-

Like… Please brain, just the riff at the start would’ve been better, but nooo.

I do miss anime though. I miss Bleach 😦 I watched that in about 3 months, and then I watched all the movies, and then I started reading it… and then I decided to restart it properly in Japanese. And now… I need to watch it and fangirl over Renji :’)