Okay, so all I’ve actually read by this man is Stardust and the first two and a bit chapters of The Anansi Boys.

At the same time, I think I owe this man an … I nearly wrote apology o_O

Erm. NO.

I think I owe this man a massive hug and thank you.

I’ve had a project sitting on my laptop for a long time now. It’s a book I had planned to make the first of a two-parter, changed my mind and made into the third member of a trilogy, and finally settled on making it a standalone novel in a “collection” as opposed to a series. I had one full draft of an old plot, and a good few chapters of a rewrite that somehow felt like they were going nowhere. I hated opening up those files and reading through them to find what I liked. I hated even opening the re-write to try and finish it.

Then I read Stardust.

I finished Stardust, much too soon for my liking.

I started The Anansi Boys.

And I opened a word document to start my brand new shiny idea.

Sure, maybe it’s cheating to not even finish a second draft and start on a third. But it’s my writing. I can draft, re-draft, throw, keep, edit it however I want and now I have finally picked up.. well not picked up my pen, I’ve tapped my keys to death for a while and I’ve written a piece that reminds me of Neil Gaiman, but rings with things I know are genuinely me. I’m actually excited for it and it’s been SO long.

Maybe this will be the draft I finish.

“The first draft is always shit.”

The second draft wasn’t even finished.

But this one.

I have hope for it. I have serious hope for it 🙂

Dear Neil Gaiman,

Some random girl that blogs wants to thank you for reminding her why she started writing in the first place!