Seriously, I’m still blogging in my uni library and the annoying thing is, is that I was meant to be going to a workshop so I didn’t bring my laptop and now I have to sit on here on a screen that everybody can spy on D:

I woke up early for this and it’s cancelled… MEH!

I’ve also just picked my modules for next year, eep! I have kind of thrown journalism to the wolves. All I’ve picked are like… Well some of them are journalism modules but I’ve definitely swung towards books and magazines instead of the hardcore journalism stuff they had picked. Now I just hope that I can get them :O

The one thing I’m hoping even more than that, is that next year is actually BETTER. This year has kinda been a massive, massive disappoinment and I’ve lost the ability to spell xD dissapointment… OK it was not what I was expecting, I give up trying to type that bloody word because my brain obviously has forgotten how to spell it xD

I’m facepalming at my sudden lack of writing skill there.

It’s like the days when you can’t talk and you’re just like “haudhfkfjahksdjha -_- Never mind”.

I think I should find something else to do… Working would be good but ha, no laptop! I don’t wanna go back to my flat either. Not like it’s far but I’m here now and there is something at half… OK half twelve is more than an hour away o_o

I should like… leave.

Now xD