This is mostly just my new thing that I want to try and do every day.

(Let’s ignore the fact that I haven’t even managed to keep up on my song of the day posts o_O)

Recently, I have been feeling like UTTER SHIT. That’s literally all there is to it. At the end of every day I would come in, lie in bed and my overall mood would be “meh.” or “I feel miserable”.

The day of my pre-birthday party I was actually in tears within ten minutes after waking up and I carried on feeling shit until just… things were f**ked up and I actually hate to admit it because it makes me feel awful.

It sucked, and it still sucks because I still feel shit every now and again even though I’m trying to actively make myself feel better.

I’ve pretty much decided to put down at least one thing every day that has made me smile. Mostly because it’s really tiny things and I think that’s how you need to move forward sometimes–baby steps. I think some days will have more than one, but my basic aim here is to find something good even if it feels like there has been nothing.


Happy Thing Of Today:

I won a KitKat because I told my class how I work in a Pet Shop and clean out the animals. Apparently that earns me chocolate because “no job is beneath me” :’)