Ultimately, this is my celebration post about the fact that the musos are actually the reason that I live, and the things that keep me going. This blog is also going to have lots of Monty Python themed things… because… you’ll find out πŸ˜‰

(For those of you who don’t know what “musos” means…


I joke, Musos is the term for musicians. In my case it’s also the biggest compliment I’ve ever recieved :’) Yay!)

But anyway, so I’ve spent four years of my life doing music, and recently I’ve swapped to the written word. In our lecture today we had a girl have some kind of hissy fit because we have too much work. Let’s not ignore the fact that really it’s probably only her, because she’s hardly in…Β 

So our teacher decided that actually that’s a big thing to ignore because she said she had lost her passion. He asked us “who else feels like that? Or rather, who is actually still passionate?” and a few hands went up for each one. I admit, I put my hand up to not feeling passionate but that’s because my passion for absolutely everything went out the window recently. We ended up having like a ten minute tangent about how to boost our passion levels and yet I still went away from my lesson like *eurgh -_-*


But then.

And this is the best part.

I saw these three muso guys (or at least I assume they’re muso guys, I like to think I have… MUSAR? And I can just tell them all by how they walk and what they wear) walking through the square outside.

One was like a random extra in Blue, the other was a beardy man with a ponytail and a violin (ok, that’s an obvious giveaway but I didn’t see that at first) and the other was like skinny jeans, hoodie up, smoke-in-mouth rocker.

And suddenly, inspiration hit me :’)

Suddenly my play idea about a little boy who falls asleep at school and acts out his dreams without realising was like *poof! vanish!* and I just had the Monty Python voiceover in my head saying:

“The Tale!

Of the Musos!”

Admittedly, the story of it isn’t quite so Monty Python inspired but I’m still naming it that xD

Plus it gives me a chance to reminisce about my college days and the shit we did to pass time. We were strange little people in college πŸ˜›


I will crack on with writing that, fingers crossed it’s actually good. I don’t even care if my teacher doesn’t like it, I don’t think he thought much of my original idea (I don’t think anyone did either, and to be fair I had the idea in the ten minutes he gave us to write an elevator pitch for something we should have already decided on). But now, I’m happy because I can talk about music. Hell, I even considered making it a mini-musical.

I might still do that.

If metal bands can have like 9 minute songs, I can have a ten minute mini-musical.