This is short piece that I’m working on for uni at the moment, it’s meant to be 1500 words. FAIL! But I quite like this as a completely separate story — I only made it to test out how well I could create this “perfect city” that is really built on greed. I hope you like it! I might actually put up the whole thing once I’ve written it…


Not a single sound ripped through the silence of the city. On the really quiet nights, like that night, the group sat in the hillside separating their city from the others.

“What do you think is out there?”

“Nothing. Everyone’s probably dead. It’s been over 5 generations now, nobody could survive that long.”

Above them, the wall towered high. It had been built to keep their city perfect. Untouched by the chaos and destruction of Outside. The group had never known anything but their walled-in city. Everybody called it Ion. It had food, it had electricity and it was the only city left that still survived like the world had done before.

“How can it be only us?”

“Because it just is. Don’t ask stupid questions like that.”

“Well I don’t think it’s a stupid question. Don’t you ever feel like it’s too perfect, that living like this is selfish?”

Only 3% of the population wasn’t originally from Ion. That three percent was made up of members from other cities that had survived longer than most. They were the ones who told stories of corruption and greed. Stories that challenged Ion’s perfection. The stories like that were told in hushed tones and private places.

“They talk about it you know. When this city falls into the abyss like the others.”

“That won’t happen. We’ve managed this long… it wouldn’t just stop.”

“It could. We can’t live like this forever.”

“People say the end will come when the girl with gold eyes and silver hair breaks through the gate to reveal the truth.”

Renegade. That was the name she had been given, the girl who would bring the downfall of Ion. Her own city was gone, like the three others after it that she had “extinguished”. The stories said that with each city that fell, she grew brighter and stronger, but nobody had seen her. The investigators who monitored Outside shrugged off her existence; They were the only ones who used the gate, and they always would be.

“She sounds like an angel, how could she destroy the cities but be on the good side?”

“Because apparently we’ve only survived because we stole everything from the other cities. The investigators just pillage what’s left and killed the survivors who couldn’t find somewhere to hide. People think she’ll come to set it all right. It’s just a story.”

“It’s not story. Have you ever realised that the ones who dare to ask in public are suddenly shut up completely?”

“It’s because Renegade is real. The ones in charge are scared of her.”

“None of you understand exactly who Renegade is do you?”

The group settled into their thoughts, each member wondering about the girl named Renegade and what her existence was doing, and could do, to Ion. The city was still silent.

But the perfection of it, was no longer in tact.