Come on here and blog… o_O

I should really be doing work because it’s due in on Friday but lordy lordy I just can’t for the life of me concentrate.

I think it’s because I’m hungry.


I get really grumpy when I need food xD

But also I just can’t be bothered to do this work. I’ve hit like “mid-year crisis” where everything is like what the f**k is the point of this?! Actually I’ve been there for ages, but haha… let’s not say too much about my uni mentality. I have to admit, writing a dystopia/utopia piece was really exciting until I realised I was 1000 words under the limit -_-

My idea was sooooooo.. well I think it was good. But now I have to waffle. And waffling is gonna turn out some awful stuff!

I actually started to sit down and do work and then I got a phone call. Then I decided to email people about jobs and a proofreading course…

And now I’m back on here! Procrastination or what?

I’ve also realised that I completely missed a deadline (TELL NOBODY!) and I’m kinda worried now that I’ll like, fail my whole year because I haven’t done a piece of work. I don’t have to hand it in at the end of the year but erm… shite. :O

It doesn’t help that I’m kinda flopping at my journalism-ness right now. Features are just like too massive for me to comprehend. I think it’s why I’m slowly like “help me help me help me” instead of “wooo! journalism is awesome!”. I realised the other day that I also missed the last Broadcasting Today that went out at uni and I have to write something on that so LORD, I SWEAR TO GOD, PLEASE PLAN ANOTHER ONE!!! D:

If not…


(P.S it actually really bothers me that they’ve put a comma there instead of a full stop. But this is why I want to go on a proofreading course that could get me like LOADS of money if I get work! AWESOMENESS!)