I just saw a music video where the guy is screaming… and the mic is in his hand… and his hand is nowhere near his face because his arm is down at his side -_-

*mind implodes*

It’s a good song though. I can kinda forgive the mic thing, I get what they’re trying to do but eeeeh… just film random other shite instead xD

I tell you what annoys me… albums that sound like they’ve been recorded in someone’s shed. That is like so ridiculous because people try and defend it like “ohhh they’re a raw band musically so they want a raw sound!” and really it’s like:


They just didn’t save enough money to pay for a proper studio!

The sucky thing is, that if a band can’t pay for a studio… they’re f**ked. They are actually screwed because it means they’re just dying a slow and painful death. I swear, all the wrong things get money in the music industry now.

Someone else writing your song shouldn’t get you money.

Being a pretty face and an auto-tuned voice/good lip-sync shouldn’t get you money.

Dancing around when you’re a singer shouldn’t have to be part of the job.

As a woman that doesn’t do femininity, I also personally think that, dancing around wearing a skimpy outfit and having a cake-face should not be called “being a strong female artist” because like f**k anyone would listen to you if you wore jeans and a t-shirt.

Because you know it’s all about those legs, ’bout those legs.

Actually, you have to be AMAZING before anyone even considers you “good”. Like seriously, if you’ve heard of Hayley Williams, you know that EVERY female singer in the rock/pop-punk/alternative scene gets filtered through her before anything. Even if they are British, also scream and sing a good octave lower…

Women: Totally all the same creatures(!)