The wamawama dog (it’s actually weimaraner) has nothing to do with this AT ALL I just thought it was an incredibly funny picture :’) And it’s kind of relevant because I work in a pet shop.

I was thinking a loooong time ago about “Office Olympics” and how people make up all these random sports to keep them entertained at work. Like this version of the rowing:

So pretty much, I came up with a short list of pet shop olympics!

Let The Games Commence!


The skilful art of sitting on the single radiator in the shop for as long as you possibly can. The record is 6 minutes… Somebody has dead arse cheeks xD This game evolved from the simple need to stay warm…

Cat Buckaroo:

Pretty much the normal version of Buckaroo, played on a sleeping cat. It kind of turned into Jenga but the tower we made with pens wasn’t really up to the requirements of Jenga -_-


A rare game where we ping bits of paper at my boss when he starts snoozing at the end of the walkway :’) Great fun that one is!

Extreme Tank Fishing:

Forget Deep Sea fishing, or like sitting on a deck chair next to Loch Ness, tank fishing is where it’s at. Technically it’s not a sport, more of an occupational activity but jeez, tropical fish, especially little diddy ones, can give you a run for your money. I once spent about half an hour trying to catch a fish o_O


With an electric fly swatter… and many casualties. Sometimes I designate many many minutes on chasing down that one singular HENCH bluebottle that just won’t die.


Another occupational activity, but we might as well be running “Pet Shops’ Strongest Women”… We do that shit where you pick up heavy things (being up to 25kg sacks, we’re not like serious competitors ;P) and walk with them to the store room, after some high speed swerving of customers and the cats. #skill


Trolley surfing.

Like, riding on one of these:


But ours has this weird extra bit at the front that lifts out and I reckon you could hold onto it like you do water skiing, but go along the street for as long as possible! Except me and my sister haven’t tried to do it yet, because she first said no to it, and has since changed her mind. There is hope! And it will be amazing!