Holy crap.

So I was Googling “genderfluid” earlier and I got sent to a page talking about a DJ/Supermodel from Australia called Ruby Rose (I don’t know if anyone knows who she is, I know I didn’t) and it talked about how she had come out as gender fluid. This was like last year but haha… I’m slow :’)

It showed her video about it, called Break Free, in a little embed box on YouTube so I watched it, then I saw it had a suggestions collage thing at the end, like they usually do, and I clicked on “BOY”.

I can’t work out if it’s the biggest mistake or best choice I’ve ever made, because lordy lordy, I got sucked into it so much my eyes were overflowing with tears at the end. Normally it takes a whole rom-com to do that to me! xD

Check this out if you feel like crying, and being made aware of some stuff!