This is NOT a comment on the book, in any way shape or form.

In actual fact, the only bit of this book that I’ve read is like… the first few paragraphs. It made me piss myself because of the following lines:

Instead I’d woken in a state of – not to put too fine a point on it – complete fucking pandemonium.


*and copyright for that goes to Glen Duncan, but I find those such amazing quotes :’)*

I found this book in a Foyle’s in central London, and I thought it was so worthy of my reading (let’s ignore the fact that I just posted about Soul Screamers… the series I neglected all other… for! [What the hell is the plural of series?]), yes SO worthy of my reading that I ran to my wireless connection and bought it from the Kindle shop for a lovely price of four pound something.

Ah Kindle, helping students to not-quite break the bank on reading :’)

So yes, I went out to… why do I keep saying “I went” and “I ran”? I did nothing of the sort, I just sat on my arse and ordered stuff online xD

Basically I bought By Blood We Live and everything was hunky dory until now.

This is the LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES. -_-



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