This series has literally been the book series of my month. I seriously doubt it has taken me longer than that to read it xD

So this is a series by Rachel Vincent. Now, to me, she’s UNHEARD of, but I’ve grown to love her. She’s made YA seem like its not all about who’s having sex. Don’t get me wrong, it does get there, but I liked that it was vastly different from all the soppy girls you see who are “meant to be strong” and really aren’t.

She’s made the character of Kaylee Cavanaugh, a girl who is a bean sidhe (pronounced as banshee) and can see when people will die. When they DO die, she screams for their souls and has the ability to bring them back to life, at the expense of someone else’s. The whole series sees her battle (this might be spoilers, but it’s not too awful!) the death of loved ones, mountains of emotional distress and I haven’t finished the last book yet to see how it all plays out!  For the most part, it’s all about her fighting off the baddie and it’s awesome, while battling some strange relationships along the way.

When the sex does come into it, you’re kinda like “god, jeez do they have to make out every chapter -_-” but it never becomes TOO awful to make you stop. Mostly because for a good chunk of the series, a very strategically placed character named Tod (who I adore and is one of my favourite lads in the book) always manages to get in the way. Plus, when it does get a bit crazy and you start questioning Kaylee, the character is questioning herself. So once the big inevitable loss of the virginity happens–and when doesn’t it happen in a YA? They are nearly ALWAYS virgins– it’s actually a better moment than you thought it would be. Although I did find it a little bit cheesy but… first times always have something lame about them xD

Plus, I guess it’s kind of hard to avoid sex in YA, but I think Vincent managed to contain it more than a few other books I’ve read.

She’s built up the most amazing characters that once you kick in to it, they genuinely make you cry. I think I was emotionally unstable after the fifth book xD But it’s mostly the way that she describes things that really get you. I can’t say I compare her to anyone else for the way she puts across Kaylee’s feelings or how she describes what the others are feeling, because it pretty much grabbed me from the first chapter. I’ve never wanted to put it down unless I was crying, having a party because someone got a punch they deserved or just because I’d finished the book. In which case the next one was picked up ready to go!

I am pretty sure I INHALED these books whole.

Definitely on my read again list. That’s the sign of a good book, whether someone would read it again. Finishing the series is also a good move xD

But, on the downside. I have to say that Vincent possibly needs to proofread a little TINY bit more. It annoyed me that in between books, Kaylee’s father constantly changed age– one book he is 132, next he’s 134 (her father is a bean sidhe too, they age slower than humans). One time her dog changed gender… And I’m pretty sure a girl also went from having blonde hair to brown hair.

I have to say though, that I have seen much worse “not-editing” than that, I’ve literally had a book where the spellings of names changed every time, and I also read a sentence twice because it was WRITTEN twice, not because of my brain f**king up 😛 I just feel like those little things let it down slightly because everything else is so strongly written that you notice blips like that.

Otherwise, it’s been the book series of the month! Once I finish it I’m sure I’ll just be like “ermahgahd what do I do with my life now?!” I really really hope this series has a kick ass ending. I don’t know how I feel about entirely happy endings but I don’t think she deserves to like… get royally f**ked over. Plus, Vincent actually said in the book that she’s given Kaylee the happy ending she deserves so, fingers crossed!

After this series is done I’m onto like… the three series that I kind of abandoned to read this :’)

I say, head to the amazon page, too. It’s worth a read–the first book has that “look inside” function so you can read a bit of the first chapter 🙂