That is what I’m like on most occasions, things and people seriously just get up in my grill and piss me the f**k off.

I’m not one for having a go at people, because to be honest the second you shout at someone, it’s more than likely they’ll just shout back. I wish though, that for once my mouth could let out a tiny bit of what is in my brain. It wouldn’t be that much. I promise *she says with her fingers crossed behind her back four times for good measure*.

Just, I would love to tell somebody to shut the f**k up because I hate them, that would really be my only reason unless it was a stranger on the street who was being bang out of order… which is really easy because I have pedestrian rage, escalator/stairway rage… I’m a “very angry short person” I believe is the phrase according to my friends xD

My washing machine is beeping at me right now, and even that is annoying me because I get that it’s finished after the first f**king beep, OKAY?!

I mean have you ever had those people you just don’t get on with for shit? Love nor money could persuade you because something about them just irritates you to death. I don’t get many but jeeez I have one person now and they drive me crazy because they’re at university and still think it’s okay to use the back of my chair as a footrest–constantly moving their feet too, so that basically the action is making me feel like I’m sitting on what must be some seriously malfunctioning massage chair. You just don’t do that.

If the seat was empty, SURE! Go ahead, be my guest because I do that too. I kick my feet up on the little plastic ridge on the back of the chair and I chill out. Nobody gets annoyed because nobody is sitting in it.

If I’m in it, F**K NO, B*TCH! Your footrest gets pulled out from underneath you when I get pissed off enough to move just outside the reach of your lanky arse legs. If I’d been in a bad mood BEFORE they started, I probably would’ve sworn out loud and told ’em to get shot in the face.

Just don’t do it man, and while I’m at it. Don’t invite yourself to something you weren’t invited to by complaining “I’m not there….D:” on Facebook. If I wanted you there I damn well would have invited you and if I’m not even the one who mentioned it, why don’t you go take a running jump at where you should have been left on your lonesome? That’s right.


On your f**king lonesome.


Because I hate you and the way you look at me like I’m always fricking wrong, or that I’m talking bullshit you don’t have time for. If you want me to like you, don’t act like a spoilt brat when you aren’t invited to something that was meant for me and my mate to have a good time about, most likely because it’s the same girl you consider to be your best mate. Don’t constantly go on about yourself like your the gift of the gods because you make me sick.