Kaname x Zero (copyright goes to Matsuri Hino, the writer and artist of Vampire Knight!)

If it weren’t for the fact that I really hate Kaname (the guy with the black hair) xD Not that they’re actually a romantic item or anything anyway but I still love and hate this big statment moment πŸ˜›

Vampire Knight is my latest manga addiction and I hate the constant confusion I have over who’s who, not like that’s relevant to my current mini-rant, and whether Zero (the guy on the bottom of the picture) will actually get with Yuki…

Those two would be awesome but I’ve just reached the point where it turns out Yuki and Kaname are siblings–or that’s the first layer at least because I found the reveal of it really confusing–and they are automatically engaged o_O I really, really don’t want that storyline to carry on because Yuki and Zero is so immense and he cares about her SO much… Kaname seems like a prick to me -_-

Buuuuutttt…… I would still like to see a few more emotional vampire moments between the guys! xP and less confusion… it really doesn’t help that nearly all the guys have white, blank page coloured hair and stupidly similar haircuts.

God, anime fan-girl issues or what?! πŸ˜›