At the moment I’m trying to change up this site so that it really is a proper representation of me. I just want to use this as my own little space where I can address myself how I would like to, describe my mindset and just get things off my chest that for the mean time, people close to me don’t entirely know, and some don’t understand even though they say they will. Blogging, the great online journal :’) So the content will change a little bit and if you want to read you will read, but most of it–like the poems and bits of fiction, which I apologise for not posting so often as I do love it–will stay.

I’m also trying to find a different theme that looks nice, but I’m not flashy and I also can’t be bothered to pay to get the different colours–which you might thank me for because it would look like acid had leaked into your screens xD

Just wanted to update ya, because I probably won’t get it all done that quickly -_-