Okay, second post of the new year is a people shamer.

I have one type of person that I REALLY cannot stand, and that is this:


It’s the new year, as we all know and this is when people start and sometimes fail to have a diet or healthier lifestyle. I’m in support of that, I do think being healthy is good and I know I’m not very good at it… o_O I try? It’s good for us to be healthy but oh my God, if there is a thing I hate most it’s the f**king gym buffs and bunnies that live, breathe and do every other function in the name of what I like to call OCD Health.

Those people really do annoy me because all they want to do is tell you that you should be healthy, not eat this, not eat that and constantly, constantly post pictures of themselves at the gym, their gym body, their shit, probably-tastes-like-cardboard health fad food and treat everyone that’s overweight like a heathen. Like they help us all by doing that(!)

I don’t get how people, not just the gym nuts, can put themselves up so high on the c*nts of the month scale (after all it is only January) and seriously decide that they are worth so much more to this planet’s existence than that guy on the couch eating crisps. I do that, I bet that means I won’t get decent grades and help stop global warming now… I mean, seriously, we know you might love that uber protein shake but not everyone wants to see it, or particularly gives a shit about your drinking of it, considering that your social media suggests you don’t do anything social because you’re wound up in the health craze.

Is it obvious I’m just a tad annoyed? I don’t really bother with social media except to erm… rant xD and post pictures of baby beardies as they all sunbathe on top of each other or hamsters acting like Spider-Man or nights out… although really that’s mostly other people’s photos of me. I just feel like it won’t really make anyone feel STUPIDLY self.conscious about themselves. It’s not intended, but I don’t think.they realise that stuff like that makes everyone go “oh… I must be so nasty and unhealthy”, and most of them probably aren’t!

It’s probably the same as having skinny skinny models that are sometimes really not healthy as passing them off as the average person… it just isn’t really true, and yet everyone is like shit! I’m fat compared to that!

I’m kinda glad that I want to be fit because I don’t want heart disease from eating too many supernoodles, and I don’t want to lose any weight besides my random little bit of belly fat and a bit of my thighs. I don’t really need to update every single person I see about it, people who care will ask me and I’d rather have that or nothing than have 40 odd fake social media friends act like they give a shit.

I may also dislike social media friendship, on account of “if you don’t talk to me and never have done, you just know who I am, why do you care about having me on social media?” Things like return following as well… If I don’t give a shit about what you say, and you’re only following me in the hope of boosting your ever so important number of followers you can f**k right off, mate. More than likely they suddenly stop following you after a few days.

I know that this is all online too, but to be honest, I don’t even know who reads this, I just like to document stuff, get things off my chest and sometimes read it back so I can remember what I’ve actually done with my life xD  If someone want to be in my life, they’ll get in touch, we’ll meet up, stuff like that. I don’t mind if my Twitter is kind of unpopular, I’m not attached to it 😛 I just like to spout THIN


Sorry but I’m getting really annoyed at me.Kindle h.

I pray that you will never know the effort it takes to type upright on a kindle. It takes me so long because if I try and type normally, things like just then happen and I left them in on purpose to show you my pain D: seriously I have to correct stuff like that soooo much -_-

———– O.WARD … SEE! ONWARDS! ————

On my social media I just like to spout various crud and if people like it then awesome! I must admit that my proudest moment was when Moose from Bullet For My Valentine favourited one of my tweets :’)

Anyway, my original rant has pretty much dispersed xD I got started earlier in a pretty empty marina bar about cyclists on the road… it wasn’t petty but according to Josh (who I was with, I don’t rant in pubs alone…) it was pretty funny because he was laughing the whole way through. I had nearly finished a large glass of what seemed like quite alcoholic rose wine too so I may have been a bit flamboyant about it 😛

Well, oyasumi!
(That’s good night in Japanese, I’m learning it as a hopeful New year’s resolution ^_^ woo!)

And here’s a picture of three baby beardies chilling out, which is what I need to do xD