So I was told to have a productive Christmas half term, but probably not in the sense I’ve decided on.

I’m not gonna lie I have a fair bit of work to do, but PRAISE BE TO JEBUS! for the art of procrastination. Who can blame me for not doing my uni work yet when I got a book called “Japanese for Dummies” for Christmas?

japanese-for-dummiesIt’s teaching me Japanese! I totally can do that and not do work, right?

I’ve only really got a love for the language because I watch anime and I’m kinda bored of reading the subtitles. Plus, it’s a cool thing  to say I can talk another language.

AND! It’s on my big list of things to do in life, so I should do it while I’m young-ish and my brain will store all the information properly! I tried learning Spanish at school and to this day I can only count to maybe 17 give or take, say “brother”, “sister”, “plane” and “sweets”. Oh and chicken. I could never forget how to say chicken xD

But yeah, I’m learning Japanese and I’ve memorised a little bit of the “alphabet”–they don’t have an alphabet like English does with loads of letters, instead it’s 5 vowels and then pairs of a vowel and a consonant, so NA, NI, etc.

It’s taken me this long to realise that LOL NI is actually like something that means something and not just a random thing from Monty Python :’)

Aside from that, I’ve also spent today learning Biffy Clyro’s Bubbles. That song is a CHOOOOOOON! But I’ve been out of practice for so long that my fingers absolutely ache :\ The tips of your fingers get really toughened up from playing guitar, you can actually feel the difference between your hands. I really haven’t played for months so now I’m digging new string dents into my fingers and owwwww 😦

Guitar, it’s a great habit to maybe NOT quit xD