I don’t like to moan about life very often but sometimes you just have those days.

Sometimes you just have THOSE DAYS, where everyone on the planet pisses you off and there is like nothing you can think of to fix it.

Then, awesome signs outside coffee shops come along.


THIS IS AMAZING! Someone random from a coffee shop is congratulating me because I made it out of bed today!? Someone should do this EVERY DAY!

Safe to say my life is a bit meh, but last night I didn’t even sleep and my eyes were like… drying up like the desert or something man, it was painful.

But yah, you see a sign like this and the world is fixed.

I have to admit, everything is a bit disjointed today and my brain is all over the place. I’m meant to be on the radio tonight at uni but last week their cart uploady thingy wasn’t working and they don’t know if it’s fixed yet, the security man forgot to let me in so I had to cross campus a grand total of… FIVE times before I actually got into the studio, and then I had to dig through their system for decent stuff to play and trust me it was pretty hard considering that the “rock” section they have mostly consists of bands with “The” in front of their names. Or they’re old.

I started out so well and I had a bit of a party because there are like disco lights going in there so I was singing my f*cking lungs out on account of I’m the last slot and noone is there to hear me :’)

It does help if I turn off my presenter mic though… I left it on while I screeched the first lines of Fall Out Boy’s Alone Together o_O

When it’s not being screeched it sounds like this *it’s my favourite from their new album*:

Seriously, I eventually HAD to play like Iron Maiden and Guns’n’Roses and I wasn’t too happy about that. My setlist that I made up and stressed about making up, was a perfect 113 minutes long (leaving me a mere seven minutes of talk time–nobody wants to hear talking when they’re trying to listen to music) and I had Mallory Knox, Marmozets, a bit of Biffy Clyro, some random heavy stuff a friend from uni recommended, it was awesome, if I do say so myself.

I actually still have it on my USB ready and waiting to be used, seeing as it’s perfectly worked out, but last week was so ridiculous that it’s kind of put me off, and also I struggled to get a set last week and this one would be exactly the same but different songs :\ I’m trying to be interesting, not spam people with the same shit they hear every day.

I guess I should go and see if anyone is there to let me in, and by that I mean see if it’s broadcasting at the moment, which it isn’t. That means nobody is there and if my card doesn’t let me in I’ll have to go to security thousands of times again. GUH -_-

No, I’ll be good I think. I’ll brave the shitty weather outside and see if anyone’s there to help me with the uploady thingy, or see if it’s even working and if my card lets me in. If it does, I’ll plan my setlist in the studio using someone else’s slot. Either that or I’ll go there and they’ll tell me the radio isn’t on today or something!

Let’s see how much of a party I can have this week 🙂 I have random stuff to post on here too, that can all go up soon!