I was going to write about how I’m about to pull a load of poems over from my pretty much inactive Tumblr, but first and foremost:


My mum just turned it onto the tv, and seriously she was trying to name her baby Edward Jacob? After her baby daddy and the guy who SHOULD have been her baby daddy!?

Don’t even get me started on how f**king dumb that is.  This is the one where they have a CGI baby as well -_- EURGH and the one where Jacob actually falls in love with a baby, that’s just WRONG! Yeah, I’ll be there for you Bella because I love you, but then your baby will come along and I’ll protect her just so that DUDE I’M GUN HAVE HER FIRST YO!

I hate a lot of things that a lot of people love to death… Let me state this now, or forever hold my tongue.

Right, now that’s over…

Sorry no it’s not over, Jacob is crying his eyes out, bless him! (I hate Twilight but I’m totally Team Jacob just because vampires shouldn’t sparkle in the sun)

And now, in complete contrast, here’s a poem about something I actually like!

(I have a strange love of stationery)

I like pens.
In what I can only say,
Is a rather odd way.
A pen is so much more,
Than just “something to have”.
It’s a tool for creativity.
A way to transfer the thoughts,
Seamlessly, silkily, from brain,
To paper.
Or sometimes skin.
I get so much joy from a new pen.
I’d buy one every day if I could,
But I already own too many.
Too many bland, boring,
Black ink Biros.
So today,
I bought a blue,
Old school fountain pen.
Just because.