So this past weekend and a bit has been awesome.

I actually can’t entirely remember what I did, maybe it’s alcohol’s fault, but maybe I just have a sh*t memory.

Let me muse…

Ah yes, let’s go back to Thursday when the awesome-ness started.

I FINALLY went to watch the Maze Runner and it is amazing!

I didn’t even know it was two hours long (TWO HOURS!) and it just flew by because that film is just action, up and up and up. We went to quite a quiet cinema–there is a Vue in Shepherd’s Bush that is probably being denied customers because there is another Vue in Westfield like two minutes away– but there was next to nobody in there! Naturally you act like a tiny bit of a yobbo and you put your feet up on the chair in front. Normally I would be appalled to do this but I had boots on and just tried to keep my feet only on the plastic bit or only touch the fabric with my leather-covered ankles. I consider myself a considerate yobbo!

But seriously, the start of the film is a bit meh, but it’s the start so of course it’s gonna be kind of dull. Within about 20 minutes there is a scuffle, a flashback and the glamorous Maze Runners appear. After that it just keeps sky-rocketing and there is downtime but the story gripped me, that’s all I can say. The plot is a lovely twist of action, answer-hunting and the awesome-ness of Dylan O’Brien.

Dylan_OBrien_(9345208613)I have to say, the cast of that film is pretty daym good. I already like Dylan O’Brien, but it has Will Poulter (the baby Tom Hardy in my opinion) who has been rising for a little while–he’s very good in Son of Rambow–and the little mischevious bugger from Nanny McPhee known as Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He’s in Game of Thrones too but I don’t watch that sh*t because I think that the production of it is awful. I also think half of the cast can’t act but hey I’m like 0.0000000001 percent of the population, kill me as you please…

Then there are some people I haven’t seen before like Hi-Kong Lee and Blake Cooper. These guys are good, but Blake needs an award for his acting at the end of that film. Biased, maybe, but I think he’s gonna go far!

However, I don’t like the “might as well be Kristen Stewart” Kaya Scodelario… Seriously I don’t know why people keep casting girls that pull the same face all the time and EVERYBODY thinks it’s Kristen Stewart when they come on screen but… it just doesn’t float my boat.

Overall though, IMMENSE film. I’m definitely glad I went to watch it. The second one is already on the list of films I’ll say I’ll watch but normally never get around to.


Was a dinner out in Harrow.

Big up to La Zeza for having nice wine, lots of chicken and an absolutely gorgeous chocolate cake. Here’s their website:


I went with Mr Josh-Not-Farro because I needed to meet him to lend him a hider tunnel for his now 6mm-stretched ear that his manager wants him to hide.

Essentially the story is just that Furious Boar make good wine that gets me rather tipsy.

I spent a collective half an hour, I’d say, just repeating myself that “I like this place”, “this chicken is amazing” and “this cake is so good!”.

Then we had a conversation about Wales and sheep…

It went like this (as far as my mind recalls, there was more before but…derp):

Josh- Wales should just have like a national re-call of all the sheep in the world.

Me- Ha, yeah and suddenly you look on Google Maps of Wales and it’s just white!

Josh- People are like “what the f**k happened to Wales!?”

Me- Sheep happened. You ask a Welsh farmer what’s going on and they can just point out all the individual sheep from like a mile away. Just like “that’s Gavin, Owen, David, Matty, Georgia…”

Seriously… we go out for dinner, we talk about Wales and sheep from Google Earth.

We then went back to Josh’s house so I could get a lift from my dad to stay at their house ready for my “I’d rather be lazy and only get a bus” journey to work in the morning.

Josh had never seen Oliver and Company before Friday.

1050293_1382568250841_450_300Now he loves it because I found it on Netflix while we were trawling it for decent films. Seriously, Oliver and Company is EPIC. It’s Disney’s version of Oliver Twist and it took me a long time to realise that, but there is a little Chihuahua (I believe) called Tito and he’s hilarious! He’s just got little dog syndrome and anger issues xD

Apparently Josh spent most of his Saturday at work talking like a Mexican because of that little doggie.


Josh and I had a wino night in at my flat and I showed him the awesome-ness of another old Disney movie–MULAN FOR THE WIN!

This is my personal favourite when it comes to Disney movies because before Brave, Mulan had the strongest female character Disney has ever, well they didn’t create Mulan so I guess the word is animated. Best animated female character from Disney before Merida from Brave.

Sadly Josh half fell alseep but he said it was a good film. Plus it has Eddie Murphy in it as Mushu, nobody can turn down Eddie Murphy. Look at him 😛



We caught up with my buddies Danny and Hazel at our favourite haunt–a Wetherspoon’s Pub. We spent the whole night playing a game called Head’s Up which is just the smartphone version of What Am I? It was hilarious because you do have to make a spaz of yourself, and the videos you get from it after are gold dust sometimes.

One of them is about four minutes of us shouting at Hazel because she had a serious inability to pass the challenges. You just tilt the phone backwards, yet she kept trying to chuck the thing up her head like it was a pair of sunglasses and it did p*ss all…

Then another favourite came out: Never Have I Ever.

The game where you confess things you would never normally say sober, or see who you can catch out. You say “never have I ever owned a dog” (it never stays this innocent) and whoever has owned a dog drinks. If nobody drinks, then you have to and if you can’t think of anything then you forfeit and drink too.

Let’s just say that if you play this, be afraid, be VERY afraid of what other people may remember xD I also can’t help but think sometimes of how much other people in the pub CAN hear because come on, you walk by a conversation and you’ll hear it. We seem to have the theory nobody hears us…

Also, never play it if you’re a couple that tends to argue, because BOY Danny got himself in a sh*t tip with some of the things he said 😛

It was generally a good night though, I finally splashed some of my student money!


I went to Yo!Sushi in Brent Cross. I love that place.

Josh was still with me–this has been like a weekend of Josh living with me, I realized this the other day. But yeah, we like Yo!Sushi and that’s all the story needs. CHECK OUT YO!SUSHI :


And finally we come to Monday.

Monday, I finally got around to going to the Science Museum.

The crappy thing is we got there kind of late, and we spent a while in one section doing all the games and interactive things. We saw three galleries before the whole place closed :\

To be honest, we did also spend a fair amount of time staring at the giant globe that hangs from the ceiling because it’s purdy :’) They have a satellite image of all the lights at night and it’s like the looking at the stars in the sky in reverse. I hope that makes sense… I can’t even explain it without taking up way too much internet-space so you will just have to understand, psh!


Also, I love this place because you see old cars in there and I want to own these two…

10377250_10152892797029090_2575769750237033119_n 13246_10152892798784090_6186729345898583817_n

I love the Science Museum, so I do actually have to go again just so I can see the rest. They should love me though, I donated a fiver! It’s a bit forced because you feel like you can’t actually go in through their silly welcome desks until you’ve put money in… but if it keeps that place alive for me to go again and see my favourite rainbow light then who cares?

I have to actually do a report on the Science Museum and that’s why I went, so I had to pick a poor unsuspecting member of the public to ask questions xD I may have become too distracted, so actually my victim is Josh… but oh well, next time I need to learn.

Here’s a link to the Science Museum as well, because if you do get the time, I’d say it’s well worth going!


And that’s been my weekend! Now I have to start getting back to work xD YAY(!)