20141001_120334So this was my very first piece of work that I did for uni. It will never be assessed, so it counts for f**k all but I have grown very attached to it :’) 

The back story for this is that my class got sent to the British Museum to find something interesting and then write a page of whatever we liked. I found (in the finance section, which should otherwise only interest me in the modern day) a little board used for counting Chakram coins that was from southern India and was really a massively ‘normal’ item. So I decided that PSH! it was now a magical thing that collects demons, the ‘chakra’ in Chakram coins is now literal and the sarcastic teenager that lives inside me could narrate.

If you fancy a gander at the British Museum, the picture is linked 🙂

 This is my piece: 

I had seen the sign from all the way across the street. It said ‘We can exorcise your inner demons!’ in bold. I scoffed.

At seventeen and three quarters, I had my fair share of inner demons. I had my fair share of just one, actually. I didn’t think I could be cured, yet part of me was drawn to the shop, a shop adorned with mystical symbols and pendants. The windows were crammed with displays of gems, wands and various implements acclaimed for promoting good health, luck and inner peace.

I walked across the road, taking it as a good sign that for once I didn’t narrowly avoid being hit by a car. I was very accident prone… I blamed the inner demon and Her sadism.

As I reached the door, a part inside of me rejoiced. It was a good sign, it meant that this shop was just what She was looking for-—a place that wouldn’t have a clue what they’d be messing with.

I pushed open the door, my nose immediately battered with incense. I hated incense. A bell signalled my entrance to the absent shopkeeper and I strolled to the corner. I had been instantly drawn to a mahogany board filled with small silver coins that emitted dark, mystical coloured auras. Inside of me, She grinned.

Anya, She whispered in my head, it is a Counting Board!

“Like I know what that is!” I muttered back. I was more interested in the modern day than old artefacts, but She never quite understood that–it was like She was my ‘inner historian’, as well as my inner demon.

It is for collecting demons. Weak ones, mind. Ask for a Chakra Exorcism!

I scowled. I was sick of Her. She liked to show me just how strong she was, how She liked to scare those believing that good triumphs over evil. Exorcists were Her favourite victims.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” The shopkeeper had snuck up on me while I was having my chat with Her.

“It’s a demon collector; Chakra Exorcists use them to brag. As you can see, I’ve quelled one hundred demons and placed them into the Chakram coins.” He smiled smugly at me before casting his eyes to the board affectionately.

“Can you kill the demon inside of me?” I asked, eying up the man’s greying hair. He wore clothing that looked like it was a hybrid between being hippie and being medieval, finishing off his look with dozens of gemstone pendants and rings. A small religious symbol was tattooed on his left wrist—if I studied, I would have remembered what it was called, but it had never interested me.

“It’s fifty pounds.”

We can steal it back later, agree! She ordered me. I gave him the money, no more questions asked to him or Her.

The healer led me to a back room and covered me in jewellery like his own. It apparently resonated with my chakras and then he would chant. The chant then travelled through the stones, into me and then was so uncomfortable for the demons that they fled into the silver coin that he would add to his collection.

“Here I go,” he said.

Here he goes, indeed! She purred gleefully.

The first note flowed from his mouth. She writhed inside of me.

The second note rose in pitch. I never heard him finish the song.

She had risen, using my body as her own, and severed his head with a pendant he foolishly thought dispersed all evil.

Did I mention that my inner demon was Lilith?

So that’s my first piece of work from uni, and here are some things from the museum that, while I think they are beautiful or incredibly random–my favourite is the goat thing that looks like its shrugging–didn’t quite make the cut 😉